Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Save the Date Ideas

Though we are among the dreary days of winter, thinking of my wedding instantly perks me up on cold mornings such as this. While driving into work today, I started to think about our save the dates. This seems to be the one area where Kevin and I cannot seem to agree. Ugh. Here's the back story:

One night this fall we were flipping through the channels and landed on the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory. You know by now that we both obviously love kids movies so we tuned in. (Technically I blame myself, I was the one holding the remote). All of a sudden Kevin comes up with the idea that sending out golden tickets for our save the dates is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Wait, what?? Apparantly "our wedding will be so awsome that people should feel honored to be invited and therefore giving them golden tickets will show how amazing it will be". Once again....what??

Ever since that dreadful night he has been stuck on this idea. He keeps saying how this is the only thing he really wants for our wedding...way to pull the guilt card Kev! Ladies, I need your help. If we were perhaps having a candy bar at our reception for favors than it would make a little more sense to mail out 150 candy bars with golden tickets inside for our save the dates. But we're not! Our wedding is an elegant coastal new england theme and golden tickets just do not fit!

One of our very good friends will be designing all of our invitations and print-outs. Originally my idea was to have him design a map similar to this one:

I've seen these before and think that they are so adorable! And they fit perfectly within our theme!

Another idea I saw:

A little goofy (very us) without being overtly "beachy"

And now for Kevin's idea:


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