Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Is anyone else obsessed with and their daily photos of celebs? I AM. I check it basically everyday. I mean, come on, how could not love a little "Who Wore it Better?"...

** Of course Kelly wore it better. L-O-V-E her!!

So I was working from home yesterday (last day of recovery) and stumbled upon the movie Wimbledon on tv. I love, love, love this movie. It's the kind of movie when you don't have to think and can just relax and enjoy it. I also noticed that it's going to be airing on another channel later this week as well. Fantastic!

P.S. When I moved into my apartment my landlord had told me that I had a cable line in my bedroom. My boyfriend brought over an extra tv that he had so that I could use it and low & behold no cable line to be found. So my landlord came over last night to check it out and told me that all he has to do is drill a hole to put the wire from my roommate's closet (below me) into my room. I'm so excited- as if it wasn't hard enough to get out of my amazing bed as it is. :)

Monday, May 26, 2008

Sorry I've been MIA

Well this has been quite the week and I am finally beginning to feel back to normal. Tuesday night was the sox game and it was soo much fun!

Me and the boyfriend

Me and Dad

We had great seats, and they won! Definitely a great way to start off the summer.

So Thursday was my appointment to have my wisdom teeth removed. Let's just say I'm glad they got them all out at once because there is no way I would go through that again. Thursday and Friday were fine, I was on some pretty heavy pain killers and slept most of the time. Saturday and Sunday were horrific though. Today is the first day that I'm feeling like myself again. My face is still a little puffy and I still have some bruising, but hopefully It's all downhill from here.

I wish I could be enjoying today at a fun barbeque or at the beach. It looks really nice out. I hope that you all are enjoying the day off!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Summertime Blonde...

Me as a blonde! (still a little burnt from this weekend)

The future is bright, and so is my hair...

Happy Tuesday!

It is so beautiful out today, I just really hope that it will last. My dad called last night and surprised me with Red Sox tickets for the game tonight! Me, the boyfriend, my dad, and my oldest sister will be going. I'm so excited! After the no-hitter last night, I'm sure all the boys will be feeling great & ready to win again!

Yesterday I won this beauty on e-bay...

And it turns out that the seller only lives a few towns over. Hopefully that means it will arrive quickly. Now it will be a tough decision to choose between the green jcrew dress and this one for my bff's grad party. I'm sure that both will get a lot of use though. There is nothing better than throwing on a cute dress in the summertime.

So last night I had a hair appointment. I was going in to have my roots touched up and decided to go a little blonder for the summer. I used to be very blonde in college and due to the very low bank balance of a student, I decided to go back to my natural color as a brunette for a while. I've been a brunette for about a year and a half and I got pretty bored with it. So two months ago I went in and added two tones of blonde to mix it up. Last night she just used the brighter tone, and lets just say there's no turning back now. I was pretty shocked at how blonde it actually turned out. It's going to take some time to get used to it again, but the boyfriend seemed pretty pleased with it. I hope I can pull this off again!

Monday, May 19, 2008

what a weekend

I had a whirlwind of a weekend and was not ready for work to start up again this morning. On Saturday my best friend M graduated from college. It was expected to be cloudy and rainy all day but luckily the sun came out. The ceremony took place outside and it was a perfect day. I wasn't expecting to be out in the sun so I got quite the sunburn. (As if I didn't already have enough freckles on my face!) Afterwords we went out to dinner with her parents, aunt, and nanna. I absolutely love love love her family and had such a great time. That night we went out for drinks with her bf and his friends. Overall the perfect celebration. (I'll be sure to post some pics soon)

Sunday we woke up to 80 degree on the southshore so we hurridly headed over to the beach. Unfortunately by the time we got there is was overcast, but we still had fun enjoying our lunch we packed and enjoying the water. M & her bf are literally perfect for eachother- they are the male/female version of eachother. I love that we can all be huge goofballs around eachother lol.

M's grad party will be in a couple of weeks and I just purchased this fun summer dress from jcrew for the occasion.

Now I just need find the right footwear & accesories and I'll be good to go!
My only dilemma now is buying a grad gift. My boyfriend's sister just graduated as well and her party is this weekend. I never come up with good ideas for grad gifts so I definitely need your suggestions ladies!!! Help! Help! Help!

Friday, May 16, 2008

The Hill (Spring Sing 2008)

My Boss sent e-mailed this to me this morning. Definitely a good laugh to start off the day!

Getting my butt into gear...

There comes a time in every girl's life when they need to sort through the old and bring in the new. I have realized that this time has most certainly come. The time has come to sort through my wordrobe...

Ever the overpacker, I feel it is best to be prepared for anything. Inheriting this mindset from my mother, I have bought and bought and bought many items that I truly never wear. I went through a faze summer between my freshman and sophmore year of college where I snagged up every color of jcrew favorite tanks and have since then only worn a specific few. I refuse to get rid of the rest though, because just in case one day I decide to wear another color, I will have it.

Now that I work in an office everyday, these colorful tanks are rarely ever worn and there really is no need to hang on to them all. I feel so guilty giving away clothes though. I know that I donate them to people who can use them. But I'm afraid that if I go crazy and throw away too much I will have nothing left. (Which is impossible, due to the busting seams of my closet). I recently moved into my first apartment two months ago and I went from a gloriously abundant closet to a now whole in the wall. I simply don't have enough room for everything.

I need to come up with some guidelines and actually stick to them:

1. Get rid of anything that I did not wear at all last summer (I've transferred all of my fall/winter items back to my parents house already. Its sad that all of these clothes only account for two seasons)

2. Keep classic items- Black summer dress, classic summer heels, etc.

3. If it is an item that I truly cannot part with, make sure I actually wear it in the upcoming weeks. If I don't, it's out!

4. Only keep the items that I have enough room for

5. Try to thin out college life/casual wear...who needs a billion t-shirts?

Obviously this is going to become quite the task. Any suggestions girls??

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

hump day

For some strange reason I am work waaaay too early this morning. Oh well, it's nice to get some work done when it's quiet.

I have always been a summer girl at heart and crave being out in the sunshine. The temperature has been such a tease lately. It's been nice and warm, but not yet warm enough for beach weather. If I could I would probably spend every second of my summer at the beach. There is absolutely nothing more enjoyable. I was thinking last night about gearing up for the bikini season and got to thinking about how some unwelcomed visitors seemed to creep in on my waistline this winter. (Unwelcomed pounds that is) I'm looking for a good way to jump start my metabolism again to get me into the weightloss mind set. Anyone have any good ideas??

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ouch, Ouch, Ouch

So I have been feeling a lot of pain from my wisdom teeth lately and found out that they definitely need to be pulled (ouch!). I'm going today for my consultation with the oral surgeon, and I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty nervous! I've never needed any type of surgery before, never even broken a bone- so for me this is pretty big. The boyfriend likes to look at the upside of things and say that at least I'll be getting some pretty great drugs!...oh thanks k. Wish me luck!

Monday, May 12, 2008

It's a New Dawn, It's a New Day

Welcome to the life of a Preppy 20-something New Englander! I have finally decided to jump into the world blogging. I happened to stumble across a few blogs at work one day and absolutely loved it! No one I know blogs so I never even considered it before. Now that I'm diving into the real world, I figured why not! I hope you enjoy hearing all about my first apartment, job, crazy family, friends and boyfriend. I grew up watching the Disney Princesses and am slowly realizing that life definitely does not work that way. I'm really excited to enjoy the summer (the best time of the year), and to get my life on track.

Me and the boyfriend. We've been together for two years. I love him will all of my heart and he is my best friend.

My amazing family on vacation last summer. My brother, brother-in-law, sister, dad, mom, sister, me and the boyfriend. (I'm the youngest)

Delta Gamma Zeta - the most amazing friends a girl could ask for :)