Monday, March 15, 2010

A new kind of style

One of the perks of my current job is that the office dress code is business casual....very business casual. I could probably wear jeans every day if I wanted to. That's what you get at a non-profit! For my new position though, I will need to wear suits everyday. Quite the step-up! Any time I've needed a suit for an interview or whatnot I've just borrowed one from my mom. The perk of her working at Ann Taylor Loft for a number of years is that she has the best closet! And we're the same size! I'll need to borrow a few of her business type pieces until I'm able to go out and basically buy a new wardrobe, but I've been looking into some suits and have come up with some favorites. I'd love to hear some feed back from you all though regarding your favorites and some good places to hit up.

I of course love this JCrew suit in both khaki & navy.

I also like this Banana Republic suit in both the tarnished steel & black.

I'll probably be buying the coordinating skirts & dresses for any suit that I buy to get more options from the ensemble. So if any of you have any tips for great fitting suits or any other business wardrobe tips I'd love to hear them!


Molly said...

Well, as a college senior I am all about j-crew! That's always been my when I graduate I'll go there store. I'm so odd. One of my friends swears by Express for inexpensive suits. I'm loving both options. Isn't non-profit wonderful?! I interned at a museum and am determined to get back into non-profit for my career.

A. said...

I love my J. Crew suits! Wait for a good J. Crew code/sale to buy though - you will save a ton! I have several suits but always end up reaching for one of my black Crew ones with stretch. Its so comfortable and flattering. I just switch up the shirt I wear with it, usually choosing something colorful that goes with the seasons. Happy shopping!