Friday, September 18, 2009

Sorry for dropping off the face of the earth...Target Finds...Wedding Updates

Hi Everyone!
It's Friday!!!! WOOOHOOOOO!!!!! I will be so happy when that clock actually strikes 5:00 today. You have no idea. I'm sorry I've been MIA this week. Work's been crazy and I've been trying to get ahold of wedding venues like its my job (well, I guess right now its kind of my job-it would be nice if I could get paid for it though!). Last night I took some me time after work and ran into Target for some fall wardrobe updates. I absolutely love Target and would probably have spent my whole paycheck there if I could afford to lol. Here are a few of the items that I picked up:

This blazer fits perfectly and looks adorable with the sleeves cuffed and paired with some dark jeans. Great for the "work to night out" wardrobe.

This dress also comes in black and red.....I might have to go back to grab those :)

This dress also comes in a brown print that would look adorable with brown boots! (Maybe I'll go back to grab that dress as well)

I also picked up a long sleeve white tee, a short sleeve v-neck tee with flower ruffle design, grey pinstripe dress pants and two cardigans (white and teal). All and all I made out like a bandit!

Wedding Plan Updates:

We've finally picked a date! May 14, 2011!! We're meeting with the priest tonight and we're going to see three venues tomorrow. Wish us luck! Hopefully I will have more details for you on Monday.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

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