Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday Randoms

  • I'm officially moved out of my apartment and am living out of suitcases...we'll see how this goes
  • I only have three more days of my grown-up job left (yay!)
  • I'm excited to spend time with family this weekend before I leave the mainland
  • I'm going to miss waking up and seeing my niece every morning
  • I booked my ferry reservation yesterday...no turning back now!
  • Does anyone know how to blog from your blackberry? Tips would be extremely appreciated
  • I'm nervous to be the newbie again! I feel like I'm going away to college again, yet I will be the only new person
  • I'll be training as a bar tender when I get to the vineyard and also have an interview to be a brand rep for Jack Wills...lots of new things in my future!
  • Each day is still hard. I thought it would get easier, but it is still so new that it is just getting worse. Each day things become more real. I'm hoping that I will be able to heal over the next few months
  • I hope that people like me! (I sound like a first grader, nbd)

Happy Tuesday everyone!

1 comment:

Ms. Emily Ann said...

Good luck in this transition period! Change is a great thing!

We are in the process of moving, and living out of suitcases too, so I feel you ~ but it will be worth it, once everything is settled!