Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Second Whatever I Want

Where to begin....well, where exactly did I leave off? Oh yes, just about one year ago....

A whole year seems like an awful lot to catch you up on, so let's try the cliff notes version shall we?

  • Engagement ended- quit job, moved to an island...

  • Life dreams semi-fell apart

  • Bartended/managed at a mexican cantina

  • Learned how to make a MEAN mojito :)

  • Met some amazing people

  • Found a killer townhouse with my bestie from college

  • Have spent the year like we were in college again

  • Became an aunt again...then a Godmother

  • Learned that I am pretty amazing and I won't settle for anything. Ever again.

I've missed the blog world very much. I've missed the real world very much to be honest. I've been living on an island where reality can seem jaded. I love Martha's Vineyard more than anything and consider this place the safest rehab spot I could have chosen. If you have never been here, you are seriously missing out! (And if you're looking for a vaca, I love house guests!)

It is very strange to be given a second chance at a life that you could have never had. I can't imagine not knowing the people I have met over the past year, or having the experiences that I have had. And it all could of never happened! How insane is that to think about?! I've been given the opportunity to be selfish...and it's amazing.

Everything does happen for a reason. Today I can honestly say that I can't even imagine being married right now. If that was meant to be my life, it would be. I am not going to pretend that it has been easy; but it has certainly been worth it.

I hope to be able to share all of the daily nuances that occur on this Rock with you. Hopefully you all enjoy, and welcome me back with open arms!

I'm raising my glass of Veuve to you we go again!


A. said...

Welcome Back! I remember always checking back here to see if you had returned. I am excited to hear all about life on Martha's Vineyard (my dream!!).

Cricket said...

Welcome back to the blog world I can't believe all that you went through this past year. Best of luck to you in your new adventures. xo