Monday, June 8, 2009

Oh the joys of packing

As many of you know I am heading south to the vineyard for the tail end of this week. I am ecstatic to have a girls wknd with my besties and soak in some sun as well. The taste is fast approaching and I am hurridly finishing up my dress- I know I promised pics but I don't want to post any until it is perfect. Along with choosing the perfect outfit for Thursday's event, I also have several other days to plan for. I am heading down Wednesday afternoon and will be returning on Sunday. The weather keeps flip-flopping so many outfits need to be chosen.

I am a girl who LOVES lists and of course I have started on my packing list. I am looking for as many suggestions as possible. I am always the over-packer, which in some cases works. But I don't want to show up for a 4-day holiday looking like i'm moving in for the summer. Where is the line between being prepared and simply over doing it? Suggestions welcomed ladies!

xoxo M

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