Friday, June 5, 2009

Week Recap & Happy Friday!

Hello Bloggers,

Oh how I have missed you this week! I have had an extremely hectic week and am looking forward to another relaxing weekend at the beach. My boss was on vacation all last week so that alone made things crazy in the office. This week was full of make-up tasks of things that had piled up on his plate from last week. On Tuesday I was in Boston for a seminar. It was nice being out of the office for the day, but catching up on Wednesday was insane. Luckily all of the craziness made the week fly by :).

Another disaster also occurred this week- remember when I posted about the cute fabric I had ordered for my dress for the Taste? Well, the company is completely ridiculous and I had to cancel my order. I had not received my order in the mail so I called yesterday to confirm that it would be arriving shortly. I was rudely informed that it might take up to two more weeks for my small order of only 4 yds. of fabric to be shipped! Two weeks?! Considering the event is a week from yesterday, I realized I was completely screwed and promptly cancelled my order. Looks like I will be making an emergency trip to the local fabric store and trying to find something that will work. I am so dissapointed though because the fabric I had ordered was PERFECT. Exactly what I was looking for: classic and overtly preppy (while still remaining understated). UGH! Wish me luck ladies...update to follow on Monday...

Tomorrow Kevin is going golfing with some friends while their girlfriends and I lounge in the sun. What is more perfect than two days with absolutely nothing to do but sip cocktails and work on my tan?! It is exactly what I need after this week. I hope that you all enjoy a fabulous weekend as well!

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lml said...

Sorry to hear about your fabric ordering mishap, that's definitely a bummer. Hopefully you'll find something cute at the fabric store!