Wednesday, July 14, 2010

List of complete ramblings and wants...

While sitting at my desk the other day, I started to write a list of random thoughts floating through my mind that needed to get out on paper. I'm sure that most of this won't make any sense or mean anything to you....but enjoy.

Want to enjoy the Seacoast summer:
images of tanned legs & feet,
beach wavy hair,
summer dresses & flip flops
Lending a helping hand.
Out & about.
Adirondack chairs.
Being completely real and feeling free.
Clean, crisp colors.
Living in the moment.
Letting my creativity flow and seeing where it actually takes me.
Want the feeling I have on the Vineyard - that life is good.
Drinks on the decks.
Real friends.
Putting as much effort into my relationships as I am expecting to get out of them.
Love the life you live.
Happy Wednesday all...

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