Friday, July 23, 2010

Breaking Out

I am on such a rush/high right now, that I just needed to share it with you all. I have all of these ideas and feelings rushing around in my mind right now about my future, but it can be hard to vocalize them sometimes. I was asked today about what I was basically looking to get out of an opportunity, and I'm proud to say that I put it all out there on the line.

I lived life for so long trying to fit the mold along the golden path, and I realized many years ago that that is just not me. I left college after my first semester of junior year. I think its honestly the best thing I could have done. I know that I am young, but I do have a lot of experience under my belt and a lot of ideas to put out there on the table. I also have a lot of love to give in many retrospects. It felt so great to fully respond saying that I'm looking for something to be passsionate about. I hopefully conveyed my drive and force appropriately.

And you know what? Even if this opportunity does not end up working out, I am so proud of myself for finally breaking out of the perfect shell and showing/sharing what I believe in.

Happy Friday everyone!

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PinkLouLou said...

Good for you sister :) you have no idea how far being personally driven will go. Sometimes people are just afraid to put it out there, but you will be AMAZED at what happens when you do. GOOD LUCK xoxo