Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Winter on the Vineyard

So day one went pretty well...blogged, commented, cooked...

Yummy salmon with sauteed crimini mushroons, wilted spinach and aged balsamic

Wintertime on the Vineyard holds a special place in my heart. I have always and will always love summer through and through, but when I moved here last fall I fell in love with the island through the interesting off-season. It becomes a completely different world than it is in the summer and my own little safe-haven.

There are so many people that grow up summering here and believe that they know the real island. They don't. Not even close. June/July/August is such a busy time here. The population explodes and it becomes a whole new world. I had an amazing time this summer going to the beach, going out at night and working my butt off lol. But when the crowds and summer folk leave, the rest of us are still here and have the pleasure of enjoying the other 9 months in tranquility.

Don't get me wrong, you certainly have to be active in keeping yourself entertained throughout the winter. Planning vacations are a must! (Miami vacation recap tomorrow!!) Dinner nights with friends, game nights with friends...all a necessity.

A lot of people also "wife-up" during the winter time haha. During the summer no one has any time to actually carry on a relationship. Also, there's so much fun to be had...who would want to?! But when the wind starts to blow and the temperatures drop, we all need someone to help keep us warm :) Its not like I sought the opportunity out last year, it just kinda happened. So we'll see what this winter has in store for me...

Tonight my friends are having a game night that they're hoping to carry on every week. Hopefully my Wii bowling skills are up to par! Should be a fun night, and any excuse to get together & drink with friends is wonderful in my book.

Do you have any winter time rituals or activities that you fall back to every year?

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