Thursday, December 18, 2008

Knocking and Knitting

I'm sorry, but I need to vent. When we are little, aren't we all taught to knock on a door if it is closed before entering? The motion isn't very difficult, and there are many techniques to make it your own, but why is it that some people still just try to barge into places without knocking?! There is a single person bathroom by where I sit at work. AT LEAST twice daily when I am in there people try to open the door without knocking! It always scares me half to death! Why wouldn't they be afraid of walking in on someone? I'm always afraid that I am going to forget to lock the door and someone is going to barge in on me. It is common curtesy America, knock before entering!
On a higher note, I have decided to take up knitting. I know it is very 75 year old grandmother of me, but it is something that I have always wanted to learn. I watched a few 'how-to' videos on youtube and gave it a whirl. I am attempting to make my niece Maeve something for her first Christmas. I figured that something for an infant would be easier than a scarf or something as it will be much smaller :). I'll let you all know how it goes!

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suburban prep said...

I hope that you enjoy knitting. It has gotten me through some tense and tough times. I learned how to knit 6 yrs ago and have knit tremendous amounts of gifts since then.