Monday, August 29, 2011

Master Cleanse- thoughts ladies??

So as we approach fall (let's face it, in my mind we're already there), my body is starting to calm down from the craziness of my summer schedule. I've mentioned before that I didn't treat myself very well this summer-crazy ridiculous hours at work, very little sleep, poor eating and drinking habits-and that I wanted to take time to better myself this fall. What better way to start than by flushing out the old? Literally.

I've been doing some research on cleanses lately and I think I have decided to give it a go. I'm going to try out the master cleanse, aka the lemonade cleanse. I'm sure that you have all heard of it before. I'm planning on trying it out for 7 days. Let's be honest though, if I make it past 4 I will consider it a success :)

I've been feeling incredibly lethargic and run-down so I need something to restart my system. I want to start this season fresh, giving my body plenty of time to gear up for cold/flu season.

If any of you have either done a cleanse or this cleanse in particular, I would LOVE to hear your thoughts! I've heard that the first three days are the most difficult, but I would be grateful to hear any other words of wisdom that you may have. Please dish ladies!!

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