Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New Fun Things

Hello, Hello,

Happy hump day all! The middle of the week is upon us, which means that the weekend is nearing in. Yay! This post is going to be pretty random, so bear with me lol. I have had some new fun things going on this week that I wanted to share...

1. New Workout:

Zumba! I had my first zumba class on Monday night and loved it! It is definitely an intense workout. I can't remember the last time I sweat so much during a workout haha. I would highly reccomend it anyone who is looking for something new a fun to try. It is all fun, current, and upbeat music so you really don't feel like your taking a workout class. It seriously just felt like one big dance party! And who doesn't love a good dp, right? I am feeling more and more sore as the week goes on so I know I worked it haha. I'm excited for next weeks class!

2. New Hardware:

I have the best boyfriend ever! Kevin surprised me with this little beauty yesterday morning before I left for work. He said it totally reminded him of me lol. I am loving the color!

3. New TV Show:

Has anyone else seen 'Taking the Stage' on mtv? I caught some clips of episodes here and there when it was on during the weekends and thought it was okay, but this week I started watching the full episodes online and got completely sucked in! I would have loved to go to a high school like SCPA when I was a teenager. These kids are really talented. I am totes jealous of Mia's voice. It's amazing! I do hope that she gets signed to some label, because I would definitely listen to her music.

5. New Music:

I've started to hear this song on the radio and a few other places and I absolutely love it. Erin McCarley seems like a really cool artist and I'm definitely interested to hear more from her in the future.

I hope you enjoy my new favorites!

xoxo M

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