Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lovely Engagement Gifts

Although I am still feeling under the weather, another post on "poor sick me" is too boring for this gorgeous day. So I have decided to post on lovely engagement gifts.

Since we have plenty of time before the wedding, Kevin and I have not officially registered yet. Never having been engaged before, I wasn't exactly sure what to expect in regards to engagement gifts. Depending on the family/area, this custom can be very "large and in charge" or on the lax side of the spectrum. Since we weren't planning on having a large blowout party, we got together with just our families last Sunday to spend a relaxing day together at Kevin's parent's lake house. Other than the usual bottles of wine/champagne, we received a few cute items that help you realize how special your engagement time is.

We recieved and engagement journal which is meant to be filled out by the both of us. From questions about our first date to the honeymoon, the book is meant to be kept as a keepsake for years to come. I would love to have something like this to read about my grandparents wedding, etc. so I can't wait to be able to pass this along to our children, thier children, etc.

Kevin received a coupon book for the groom. I don't know if any of you have seen this before, but it is absolutely adorable! Filled with coupons for things such as: a quiet afternoon with you (the bride), watching the sporting event of my choice (the groom). On the back it describes the book as "22 Treats for the Groom...He Deserves It!" I'm sure as we get closer to the wedding Kevin will want to be cashing in more and more of these :)

Another fun keepsake we received was the Martha Stewarts Keepsake Wedding Planner. Along with sections to organize all details of your wedding, photos, ideas, and helpful hints are included. What more could a preppy bride ask for?!

My two favorite gifts are from my parents, and two of my sorority sisters. My parents gave us our crystal champagne toasting glasses. Our names have already been engraved on them, but we will take them back to have our wedding date added as well as soon as we decide on one lol. This past weekend two of my sorority sisters came to visit and brought along a little surprise:

This adorable Kate Spade wedding album. I am in love with the etched ribbon design. It will complement the necklace I plan on wearing (see post below) perfectly! I can't wait to see all of the pictues that we fill this up with!

Happy hump day day closer to the weekend!

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