Monday, August 31, 2009


Hello All!
I am back from a very relaxing week of vacation with the fam! Of course, all of the stress that was relieved through numerous hours of sunshine & cocktails last week is all back today-but now is not the time to get into that :)

Kevin and I once again had a blast at our friends wedding last weekend. I love attending weddings, but I am happy to say that was our last for this season. (Although we do have 4 on the books for next summer already!) Kevin surprised me by purchasing his very first bow tie the day before the wedding. Thanks to the Martha Stewart wedding planner binder I was able to tie a fabulously preppy bow! With his bow tie and my pleated collar, we looked like quite the couple :). (If I do say so myself!)

On another note, I am thinking of a career change. I've known my whole life that sitting in a cubicle was not for me, but alas, here I am. Both Kevin and I have jobs that pay the bills, are secure, blah, blah, blah. But do we enjoy them? Not in the slightest. And shouldn't we at least attempt to find careers that make us happy? I understand that there are good days and bad days associated with all jobs (thats why they're called 'jobs' right?), but I would like to have position that I am at least interested in the field and enjoy what I am doing. And of course feel like I am doing something good for mankind! Kevin has always wanted to be a highschool english teacher and is now realizing that its exactly what he should be doing. I've begun to think of my path in life as well, and have put a lot of thought into becomina a nurse. I've always had nursing in the back of my mind-specifically perinatal nursing. I want to work with newborns, new mothers, and with the birthing process itself.
I've started to look at some schools online, but to say the least the information is overwhelming. I figured that I would look to my blog readers for some expert advice. If anyone has any tips or information regarding nursing programs in new england I would GREATLY appreciate it.
Happy Monday Everyone!

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