Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Blogger Question/Help Needed

Hey Ladies, I need some help from all of you savvy bloggers out there-

When I signed up for this blog I used my personal email address (which contains my full name)which then in turn became the username that I sign into this site with. Now that I've been blogging for a while, I've created a specific Summertime Beauty email address (I'm not so keen on giving people I don't know my personal info). How do I link the two together? Its so annoying to check the email and then have to sign out/in to check my blog. Is there a way for my to change my username so that it will coincide with my gmail account?

Thanks for your help!!!!!

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Brittany said...

You can create a new Google account and link them - start by creating a new user account and then add your blog name to the options. You'll then see your new username when you check your mail - pretty neat!