Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Girl Talk

So I came across an article yesterday, and I felt that I must bring it to the table for discussion. The article was entitled "When In A Relationship Do You 'Let Yourself Go'?"

After reading said article, I had myself contemplating the very same questions. Is it bad that I prefer to be in pjs the second I walk in from work at night? Does Kevin wish that I actually did my hair and makeup on days that we just spend around the apartment together?

These questions seem to coincide with a thought I've had on my mind lately: does my fiance want me to be a better 'housewife'? I am one of those people who go through shifts of ocd-ness. I'll have times where keeping the apartment meticulous is the last thing on my mind, to times when it can't be clean enough. Since we've been so busy on the weekends this summer/fall, the former seems to be the winning side lately. As a girlfriend, although I do want to step up by game, It doesn't bother me so much. But the thought of being a wife and acting this way seems sub par. Not to revert back to the 1950s or anything, but I feel like when we're married our apartment will be our 'home'. I no longer want it to look like a thrown together thing- a mashup of random furniture and pictures. I want it to look....grown up.

So calling on all of you newlyweds (and not-so-newlyweds): When does an apartment become a 'home'? And when does a wife need to step up her game a bit??

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