Tuesday, June 17, 2008

thinking out loud

Everyone goes through different stages in their lifetime. Some great, some not so great. Sometimes it can be easy to put on a smile and trick others into believing that everything is great. After a while though you just don't want to pretend anymore. It can be hard to move to a new place and settle yourself. That is what I am dealing with right now.

Towards the end of school, my group of friends began to divide and deciding to of course stand behind my bff, I've been left with half the amount of close friends. I know that leaving behind certain people in your life is the right thing to do. Some people can be like poison to your system, but it is still one of the hardest things to cut-out a longtime friend. It's hard discovering who people truly are. For better or worse.

Living on my own has been great, but I miss having close girlfriends around. My bff lives on the south shore is ma., another good friend is living in south carolina for the summer, and the others are dispersed as well. It has been more difficult meeting new people than I thought it would be. In college, meeting new people was pie. Everyone was centralized around the same location and everyone had a commonality. Life in the real world is the exact opposite. I'm such a people person, and this has been a shock to my system.

I didn't know my roommates before I moved in with them, but they are all really nice. Even though we all get along, we're all different and not the type of people who would hang out a lot together outside of living together. I'm just looking for some really great girlfriends to go out and fun with. I've just gotten to the point in my life where I don't want to deal with drama and people's caddy attitudes anymore. I want to meet some genuine people who would be around for the long run.

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TAG said...

I hear you, girlfriend. I identify with your entire entry, especially that last sentence! I moved to NYC almost a year ago and I'm still trying to meet wonderful people. The best advice I can give you is to step out of the box. Join a gym, take a class (just for fun!), start a book club. My sorority alumni group has also been invaluable to me. You sound like a great person and sooner or later people will see that you're wonderful and will be lining up to be your friend! I hope this helps. :)