Monday, June 16, 2008

weekend recap

So upon arrival back on the east coast I came down with a nasty head cold which kind of ruined things for the weekend. The boyfriend (Kevin) met me at my apartment on Friday night. We relaxed, ordered in some food, and went to bed early. We sound like such an old couple, but it was exactly what I needed after the travel work week from hell lol. Saturday we ran some errands and was going to try and make it down to the beach. We stopped by my sister's/her hubby's and ended up never leaving. At least we made it w/in a couple miles of the beach!

Father's day was pretty relaxing. Hung out at my parent's all day and watched the Muppet show. Yes, the Muppet show. My oldest sister got my dad the first season of the MS on dvd and we all vegged & enjoyed a couple of episodes together. Who doesn't love some classic muppets? I mean really?

It made me realize that I will need to purchase it as well lol. Even Kevin was bummed that he missed it! Today I am back in the office and trying to work through having to blow my nose every two seconds. This week should hopefully be pretty quiet around here. I have a wedding coming up this weekend as well as next weekend. Don't you just love wedding season?!

Happy Monday Everyone!

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