Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Are they serious?!

Each week I have become more and more obsessed with the search for the new elle woods. Of course being a H U G E Legally Blonde fan I knew I would love it right away. But last night I could have reached through the television and smacked the judges upside the head! I absolutely loved Lauren and really though that she would make it to the final two. I understand that she is only 18, but she had some serious pipes and an amazing spirit. As much as I am fond of Rhiannon as well- she can't sing! And at the end of her audition performance last night she could barely catch her breath. I was surprised that she wasnt cut last week, but making it through this week was ridiculous. They finished the episode with such a cliff hanger that I cannot wait until Monday night! My vote will be for Bailey as the next Elle. I know that Autumn has an amazing voice, but I just don't see her in that role. Yes, she is 28 and she hasn't made it on Broadway yet, but like the judges said- mabey she just isn't starring role material. What do all of you think?


tickledpink said...

I was also sad to see Lauren go because she was one of my favorites. I don't think Autumn looks like an Elle. Rhiannon cannot sing and I don't think Autumn can dance. My vote is still for Bailey. She definitely has the look. Bailey handled it so well last night when she figured out that was Lauren's hat and it was way too big for her.

Nelly said...

couldnt even beleive it. that show cracks me up!