Thursday, July 10, 2008

friday for me!

Hello Everyone! I apologize for being MIA this week. I took tomorrow off, so today is my last work day of the week. I'm planning on getting to the beach tomorrow morning then heading to the camping site with Kevin in the afteroon. I'm so excited for the beach...and interested to see how camping goes! I'm really excited to see all of K's friends and it looks like we should be getting some great weather this weekend as well. I'll be sure to post some pics next week!
I had posted a while ago about starting yoga...and I absoutely love love love it! I was a dancer for 15 years of my life and I miss being in the studio and in the class setting. I wanted to try out yoga not only for the physical benefits, but to also meet more people. I found out on the studio's website that they had a limited number of volunteer positions where you can volunteer your time and take classes for free. Well I met with the owners and we clicked immediately! So they gave me a volunteer position on the spot. It turns out that one of the owners also has a group of dancers that she has put together to perform in the area. I had explained in my interview that I had danced competitively and she wanted me to come to their next practice. When I arrived I was shocked to find a girl there who had been on the senior competition team when I was on the junior team in middle school! I hadn't seen her in 8 years! Talk about a small world. It was so great to see her and I can't wait to hang out more. I'm really excited to see where all of these new endevours will lead me to! Thank you jewish girl in wasp's clothing for suggesting that I take a class somewhere!
Instead of doing multiple posts, I'm just going to combine things today lol. I just wanted to share with you all a couple of new products that I have tried out this week that I absolutely love:
Special K Protein Water- I've only tried the mixed berry flavor (a little sweet), but it actually does work! I'm the type of person where either mid-morning or mid-afternoon I'm looking for something to munch on and this totally erases that so that I can focus on work (and not my grumbling stomach). Plus, one serving is the entire bottle and it's only 50 calories! Probably less calories than if I was to have an actual snack. I hate it when you buy a drink and it has three servings in one bottle and each serving is at least 150 calories.

Aveeno Continuous Radiance Mosturizing Lotion-Customized Dial: Now I love laying out at the beach as much as the next girl (possibly more lol) but working a 9-5 has definitely put a damper on my number of beach visits. So I've tried a few sunless tanners and I haven't been that impressed. So I picked up this aveeno at the store this week and cannot stop raving about it! I don't want to suddenly be bronzed overnight (too fake looking), I want it to look that my tan has been building to do natural causes. This lotion is great because it has a dial at the top where you can choose how light/dark you want to be. That way you don't have to go out and buy multiple different lotions.

I love reading about new products, etc. on other's blogs so I figured I would share a few of mine. I hope that you all have a fantastic weekend- I can't wait to read all about it!


TAG said...

You're welcome, sugar! I can't wait to hear more about all of your new endeavors!

Em said...

hello! I just found your blog and love it! I can' wait to try that tanning lotion, and I always looking for something that looks natural. Have a great day!