Tuesday, July 1, 2008

mind, boy, & soul

Happy Tuesday everyone. Still trudging through the week over here. As I'm sure you can tell these past few weeks have been disheartening for me with everything that has been going on with work. So I decided that I needed a change. At a great suggestion from someone, I decided to start taking some yoga classes. I was a dancer for 15 years, took some yoga in college, and also have been doing pilates on/off for the past few years. I thought that yoga would be a good idea because not only would I be working out (I hate going to the gym or running so any excuse not to sounds good to me!) but I would also be taking some "me time" to really focus to do something great for myself.

So I looked up the local studio online. While I was purusing the site for info, I came across an amazing opportunity. They offer a limited number of spots for people to volunteer in return for free classes. I met with the owners last night and they are both so nice! They told me that I got the position and that I start next week. I have to volunteer for at least 2 hours a week (which will be a snap) helping out with things around the studio. And I can start classes immediately! I ran out to target during my lunch break to purchase a new yoga mat (pink, of course!). I can't wait!

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Red and White Preppy said...

I have been thinking about starting yoga classes myself because I am looking for a way to tone my body. Do you think it's better to take classes or to buy one of the videos? I've never done yoga before.