Monday, September 15, 2008

another monday

Another is that possible?! This past weekend absolutely flew by. Apparantly it did not get the memo that I needed it to last as long as it could. How rude! The upside to this though, is that it will be the last Monday that I will be in my current position. Next week at this time I will be up in the Marketing department...
Speaking of which, I would like to extend a few questions for you readers: I am looking at this new position as a new and fresh start in my life. I went through some ups and downs this summer and am looking forward to this new start. That being said, I also want my workspace to have a new look and feel as well. I don't want to just box up the same pictures and such that I look at everyday now and just reset them all up at my new desk. I am looking for some fun, creative, and preppy ideas for my workspace. How do you make your desk look unique in a sea full of cubicles? How do you make your desk scream personality and intrigue those who stop by? I am looking for ideas for the ultimate cubicle facelift. I mean, I do spend most of my week at this desk and I want it to feel/look as "me" as possible.
I don't know if many people actually do read this, but I love hearing from those of you that I know do.
Good luck this week everyone in all that you do!

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Day Old News said...

Hey Meghan, love your blog, super cute! I took home my corkboard from my desk and covered it in fabric to give my office space some flare. I also have a lot of fabric covered boxes and magazine holders from Container Store and Martha Stewart Crafts. Hope that helps!