Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The future is bright, and so is my hair...

Happy Tuesday!

It is so beautiful out today, I just really hope that it will last. My dad called last night and surprised me with Red Sox tickets for the game tonight! Me, the boyfriend, my dad, and my oldest sister will be going. I'm so excited! After the no-hitter last night, I'm sure all the boys will be feeling great & ready to win again!

Yesterday I won this beauty on e-bay...

And it turns out that the seller only lives a few towns over. Hopefully that means it will arrive quickly. Now it will be a tough decision to choose between the green jcrew dress and this one for my bff's grad party. I'm sure that both will get a lot of use though. There is nothing better than throwing on a cute dress in the summertime.

So last night I had a hair appointment. I was going in to have my roots touched up and decided to go a little blonder for the summer. I used to be very blonde in college and due to the very low bank balance of a student, I decided to go back to my natural color as a brunette for a while. I've been a brunette for about a year and a half and I got pretty bored with it. So two months ago I went in and added two tones of blonde to mix it up. Last night she just used the brighter tone, and lets just say there's no turning back now. I was pretty shocked at how blonde it actually turned out. It's going to take some time to get used to it again, but the boyfriend seemed pretty pleased with it. I hope I can pull this off again!

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M.A. said...

Love that dress!! Don't you love lilly finds on ebay? Your hair looks cute too...thanks for the comment, I will definitely be reading your blog from now on! :)