Friday, May 16, 2008

Getting my butt into gear...

There comes a time in every girl's life when they need to sort through the old and bring in the new. I have realized that this time has most certainly come. The time has come to sort through my wordrobe...

Ever the overpacker, I feel it is best to be prepared for anything. Inheriting this mindset from my mother, I have bought and bought and bought many items that I truly never wear. I went through a faze summer between my freshman and sophmore year of college where I snagged up every color of jcrew favorite tanks and have since then only worn a specific few. I refuse to get rid of the rest though, because just in case one day I decide to wear another color, I will have it.

Now that I work in an office everyday, these colorful tanks are rarely ever worn and there really is no need to hang on to them all. I feel so guilty giving away clothes though. I know that I donate them to people who can use them. But I'm afraid that if I go crazy and throw away too much I will have nothing left. (Which is impossible, due to the busting seams of my closet). I recently moved into my first apartment two months ago and I went from a gloriously abundant closet to a now whole in the wall. I simply don't have enough room for everything.

I need to come up with some guidelines and actually stick to them:

1. Get rid of anything that I did not wear at all last summer (I've transferred all of my fall/winter items back to my parents house already. Its sad that all of these clothes only account for two seasons)

2. Keep classic items- Black summer dress, classic summer heels, etc.

3. If it is an item that I truly cannot part with, make sure I actually wear it in the upcoming weeks. If I don't, it's out!

4. Only keep the items that I have enough room for

5. Try to thin out college life/casual wear...who needs a billion t-shirts?

Obviously this is going to become quite the task. Any suggestions girls??

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Mrs LSL said...

I wish that I could help - I'm still trying to figure that out myself! :)

Thanks for the message, I'm glad you found me. Hope you have a great week!