Wednesday, May 14, 2008

hump day

For some strange reason I am work waaaay too early this morning. Oh well, it's nice to get some work done when it's quiet.

I have always been a summer girl at heart and crave being out in the sunshine. The temperature has been such a tease lately. It's been nice and warm, but not yet warm enough for beach weather. If I could I would probably spend every second of my summer at the beach. There is absolutely nothing more enjoyable. I was thinking last night about gearing up for the bikini season and got to thinking about how some unwelcomed visitors seemed to creep in on my waistline this winter. (Unwelcomed pounds that is) I'm looking for a good way to jump start my metabolism again to get me into the weightloss mind set. Anyone have any good ideas??


lml said...

I was just stopping by to check out your blog and I thought I'd offer some advice...

I use it helps me track my calories as well as how many calories I burn. It keeps me super motivated!

love, alanna said...

I started using Weight Watchers like a month ago, and when I followed the plan (for 6 days) I lost four pounds! It is realllly easy, but I have a boyfriend who loves cupcakes, and the willpower of a four year old. Good luck!